These are your medalist for the White River Conference meet held at Dora. Nathan Talley 13th place and Brady Ingalsbe 5th place. He also got all-conference. Girls: Andrea Yount was 15th, Hannah Bean was 14th, Ashton Yeager was 9th, Makenzie Lester was 4th, Alivia Bean was 3rd, and Nautica Smith was 2nd. Makenzie, Alivia, and Nautica were all-conference. The girls team got 1st!!
over 5 years ago, Coach Sewell
FCCLA had a good time at their October meeting at Pride Park Pavilion.
over 5 years ago, Beth Pickle
Maddison Evans, Deanna Nickason, and Gracie Lashley having fun at the FCCLA meeting.
FBLA, FCCLA, and NHS officers had a great time at the Corn Maze tonight! (October 6th)
over 5 years ago, Beth Pickle
Hayden standing in line for the Corn Maze.
Seth and Kayla were all smiles at the beginning of the line...three hours later, they finally got to the Corn Maze!
Heavan, Aiden, and Mrs Charline Tiller can't wait to get in the Corn Maze!
Mrs Tracie Ehrhart says, "I ain't afraid of no ghost"!
AR points are due October 12th!
over 5 years ago, Tammy Gardner
Remember that students are still competing for the Pizza Championship! The class that has the highest amount of points by the end of this quarter gets a free day with pizza! We still have one week left. Make it count!!
over 5 years ago, Victoria Fowler
Algebra 1 classes will have a test on Friday 10/12.
over 5 years ago, Victoria Fowler
American History classes will have a test next Wednesday.
over 5 years ago, Tracie Ehrhart
ACT class will be practice ACT testing the week of October 9th- 12th.
over 5 years ago, Stephanie Guffey
Working on innovative cutlery design in Mrs. Burns enrichment class.
over 5 years ago, Jodi Burns
Example of innovative cutlery design during mrs. Burns eighth hour enrichment class.
Foon.  By Ethan and Gavin.
Mountain Grove District meeting.
over 5 years ago, Stephanie Guffey
Have fun in Mnt. Grove
FBLA had a blast at our district meeting in Mountain Grove. Kc Wolf was present!
over 5 years ago, Stephanie Guffey
over 5 years ago, Charline Tiller
Students in 8th grade math went on a scavenger hunt to review square and cube roots!
over 5 years ago, Cassie Dillinger
Team members helping in the scavenger hunt
8th grade math going on a square root scavenger hunt for review!
All of Mrs. Burns reading class need 15 AR points by October 12. That’s next week!
over 5 years ago, Jodi Burns
Eighth grade will test this Friday on weather and climate. Be sure and study!
over 5 years ago, Jodi Burns
over 5 years ago, Charline Tiller
Psychology students conducting a taste/smell experiment.
over 5 years ago, Tracie Ehrhart
1st Grade building their house out of toothpicks and gumdrops. The Big Bad Wolf is going to try and blow them down after Specials.
over 5 years ago, Heather Smith
Zaylan and Nella working together 😊
Spanish I, don't forget to study for the test tomorrow! Be prepared to be tested over listening and reading comprehension. Remember to review the 1-3 Notes for the written portion. Also, know the difference between an amigo and a conocido. Extra credit for info about Mexico's Independence Day!
over 5 years ago, Señora Tefft
Century Bank cooks for Bakersfield Staff!
over 5 years ago, Dr. Amy Padgett
Josh Gaulding from Century Bank visits with Bakersfield staff
Josh Gaulding and Taler Nash from Century Bank
Beverly Bales from Century Bank
Bakersfield Staff enjoying lunch courtesy of Century Bank