**All times are approximate and subject to change if students drop from summer school**

The following are the stops the bus will run for summer school.  As  you can see, it is very limited on the number of stops that will be made.  Please be at the following locations at the times below if you want your child to ride the bus to and from summer school. 

Summer school is from 8-2:30 MONDAY-FRIDAY


First pick up is at 7 AM at Udall

Bus will travel to V Highway and up to the junction of V and 160 and stop at 7:15

Bus will travel to H Hwy and pick up at 7:20

Bus will stop at Caulfield Community Building at 7:30

Travel down 101 South to School by 7:45. 





Drop off at Udall at 2:45

Drop off at Caulfield Community Building at 3:00

Drop off at H Hwy at 3:05

Drop off V Hwy and 160 at 3:10

Return to school down V Hwy at 3:25.