We will not have a traditional 8th grade promotion ceremony, but will welcome current 8th graders to high school with an event in August.  More details will be forthcoming after we receive updated social distancing requirements for that time frame.  Please tell your students to keep their 8th grade shirts that were distributed with the packets. 

Unfortunately, we will not be able to have a preschool or Kindergarten graduation this year.  These events normally take place right now.  The social distancing requirements we have in place right now would be very difficult with students of this young age.

Fifth graders moving up to middle school will have an event at Open House where they and their parents/guardians are invited to tour the middle school, meet the teachers, get their schedules and meet with the principal.  While the district does not do a 5th grade graduation or promotion, this event has been done in the past and is meant to introduce new 6th graders to middle school and make the transition easier for kids and parents. 

We are very proud of all of our students and the accomplishments they have made.  This year has been extremely difficult to say the least!  We have been implementing strategies and making plans for a successful return for everyone in August!