December Newsletter

Anonymous Donor Pays Lunch Bills for ALL!!

Merry Christmas!!!  By the time you receive our newsletter, many of you will have already heard about the gracious gift given to our school and community by an anonymous donor.  An anonymous donor has paid all outstanding lunch bills at Bakersfield School to the tune of $11,666.53.  The anonymous donor wanted to do something for the community and decided this was a way they could help working families.  The couple said they were welcomed when they came here years ago and wanted to give back to the community that embraced them with open arms. This was a tremendous act of generosity that has lightened the load for many of our families, and it is especially helpful at this time of year. 

            The donor requested only one thing.  That request was to wish every recipient a Merry Christmas!  The donors want to wish all recipients and the community a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

            Since the announcement was made that this generosity has been displayed in our school, I cannot count the questions I have received of how to thank the donor.  Since it was given anonymously, the only answer I can give is to do what you can to pay it forward.  While many families don’t have extra money, especially at this time of year, a simple smile or kindness shown to another person would go a long way toward repaying the spirit in which this gift was given. 

            This is just one more example of what a wonderful community we have.  Not only the generosity of this particular couple, but the fact that they received a warm welcome years ago from a community with the expectation of getting nothing in return.  This is the VERY essence of what we need to teach the kids.  Do good.  Expect nothing in return.  Do good because it is the right thing to do.  When someone helps you, pay it forward. 


            We are very lucky to have such a supportive community of neighbors and friends.  We can never take that for granted.  The best way we can repay them is to provide the best education possible for the kids and demonstrate love for each other.  Love doesn't mean always agreeing, but love does mean to treat each other with respect and dignity. As we model this for our kids, we can hope to continue to put out citizens who will continue the love and legacy that is BAKERSFIELD.


            Have a very Merry Christmas and it is our sincere hope that your New Year is filled with joy and love.