Dates:  September 26 (Saturday), November 1 (Friday), November 9 (Saturday), November 15 (Friday)

Times for each game date will be posted the week of the games.  Both Saturday games (October 26 and November 9) will use the same times for each grade level listed below, but who they play (Team A, Team B, Team C, Team D) will be different each time.  

Saturday, October 26

1st/2nd Grade

9:00  Team A vs. Team B

9:20  Team C vs. Team D

9:40  Team A vs. Team D

10:00  Team B vs. Team C


10:20  Team A vs. Team B

10:40  Team A vs. Team C


11:00   Team A vs. Team B

11:20  Team C  vs. Team D

11:40  Team A vs. Team D

12:00  Team B vs. Team C

Separate notes were sent home telling each student which team they are on and who their coaches were.  You may call Coach Cotter at 417-284-7333 ext. 210 if you have questions.