Local author, Robin Colbert, has donated a copy of her book, Not Forsaken, to the Bakersfield Library.  It is a story about Josephine Armand, who is returning from a failed betrothal in a foreign kingdom and is awakened in the night to find the castle under attack. Rescued from the flames by the very man who led the raid, Josephine accompanies the stranger back to Guttenhamm, seeking refuge from her father's aspirations. Can Josephine submit to the prince's authority knowing what he is capable of? Is he looking out for her well-being as he claims, or is he looking for glory and power? Josephine must decide whether to take the risk and stay in Gutten under the employ of the king or return to her homeland where it is certain she will marry a man she does not love. Her adventures unfold amid kings, castles, and the unrest that plagues the region. Will the lady discover who is truly a friend or foe while learning to trust in a god who will never leave her nor forsake her?

We greatly appreciate Robin's donation to the library.  Not Forsaken is available for check out.