2019 Carnival Picture Schedule



Pictures of the carnival candidates will be taken at the following times on the stage in the high school gym.  These pictures will be used to complete the carnival pages in the yearbook; therefore, your promptness and attendance will be much appreciated.


All candidates should wear dress clothes.  Girls need to wear a dress (a formal or party dress).  Boys may wear Sunday clothes or suits.


6:00  12th grade:  Shannen Adams and Joey Walter

6:05  11th grade:  Haley Kimmel and Reece Edelen

6:10  10th grade:  Caroline Bentley and Zane Crites

6:15  9th grade:  Jordan Hodgson and Ryan Wade

6:20  8th grade:  Shaylee Orf and John Cotter

6:25  7th grade:  Sara Collins and Kyden Alvarado

6:30  6th grade:  Abby Hadley and Gage Pohl

6:35  5th grade:  Riley Summers and Richy Rodriguez

6:40  4th grade:  Alyssa Gailey and Carter Rader

6:45  3rd grade:  Zoey Watkins and Mason Mahan

6:50  2nd grade:  Brianna Howell and Gavin Scott

6:55  1st grade:  Charli Stevens and Case Guffey


Crown Bearers and Flower Girls


7:00  K2:         Avery Bartlett and Sawyer Williams

7:05  K1:         Piper Noordhoek and John Luke Lamb

7:10  K1 & K2:  Ella Finney and Jack Williams


          Coronation begins at 7:30