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msbeans_class.jpgBakersfield R IV strives to provide an excellent education for every child. In Kindergarten, we work together to learn many things. By the end of kindergarten all students are expected to be able to read simple books, write simple sentences and count/write to one hundred among other things.

For a more in-depth list of things your child should know by the end of kindergarten, please look at all of the links on this page.

Lisa Bean

Kinergarten News Letter and Activities

August 26, 2013

Dear Parents or Guardians,

Everything is going great! We have started unit two today. It is called “I am amazing! I feel fine!” It is a two week unit. We will learn more about our school and classroom. We will be learning about our differences and similarities. They will learn how every person is different in their own way and how we can learn from them. It will give them more self esteem and teach us how to share our feelings without hurting someone else. We will also, learn four new sounds. They are m, a, s, and d. I believe they will have fun with this unit. I will be sending the little books home for them to practice. I know they can not read yet, but this is where they get confidence. Even if they are memorizing it, they feel good. This is what we want them to do. Later on down the road they will be able to read it to you. From now on when we have a book they will have a “reading respond” form for you to sign that they have read. They need to return the book and reading respond every day. If they return it every day, then they will get to attend a special event or activity school wide. If they don’t, then they will not get to attend the reading party. Every child will have one chance. If they forget it on Friday, than they can still turn it in on Monday. If they don’t bring it Monday, they will have to stay and won’t get to attend the reading respond party. Pleas make sure you sign each night.

We are all excited about learning all the new letters. We will learn the letter (m) and sound tomorrow. After we learn each sound and learn how to write it correctly, we watch a SFA video to reinforce it. We will also send home work for that letter each night. Please work with your child on writing the letter correctly. Every letter should start at the top and go down or around. I am sending the sheet home that we use. Please keep it so you can look at it and remember it yourself. The sayings are what will help them learn how to remember to write it correctly. Please have your child say the sounds for you. It is very important that they learn each and every sound. This is what will help them learn to put words together and read. If they don’t learn the sounds now, than it will be difficult for them to learn them latter on.

We learned the number five in math today. We will be learning the numbers one through ten. We have no school next Monday (Sept.2rd). If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know at anytime.

Thank You,

Mrs. Bean

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