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Mrs. Scott's Language Arts Class

Each class period begins with Daily Grammar Practice (DGP). DGP organizes concepts in a unique way. Rather than providing lessons on individual concepts (nouns, verbs, clauses, etc.), DGP requires students to work with one sentence each week. For each day of the week, students had a different task to accomplish with that week's sentence. On Monday they label the parts of speech of each word. On Tuesday, they identify sentence parts and phrases (subjects, predicates, direct/indirect objects, predicate adjectives and nominatives, prepositional phrases...). Wednesday has students identifying clauses and sentence types. On Thursday students add correct capitalization and punctuation. Finally, on Friday, they diagram the sentence. Each day, after students have had a chance to use their "cheat sheets" to do that day's work, we go over together in class. Students correct any mistakes so they can refer back to previous days when needed.

After our DGP we head into the days lesson. Most lessons are put together into units. Students learn expository, narrative, descriptive, instructional, biographical writing just to name a few. Each year my 8th graders look forward to starting the year by writing and illustrating a children's book. My 7th graders begin the school year by interviewing a grandparent and then writing a biography of their grandparent's life.

Also this year, we are fortunate enough to have a subscription to Scope. A Language Arts Magazine from Scholastic. It is filled with narrative nonfiction, read aloud plays, fiction, grammar and vocabulary practice, articles for debate, essay kits, and many opportunities for the students to improve their writing skills. All the content is geared toward middle school students. The kids really love reading articles about other kids their age. Check out one of our issues from this year here.

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