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Dear Parents,

The mission of the Bakersfield R-IV School District is as follows: Is to provide an excellent education for every student; To instill confidence, positive attitude, and good work ethics; To excel in the competitive game of life; And, to prepare students for continuing education and an ever changing world.

The third grade educational activities of the Bakersfield R-IV School are designed to accomplish this mission. Bakersfield R-IV has a comprehensive school program that prepares students for further education, the world of work, and general citizenship. The development of the intellectual process will be the primary purpose of the curriculum. A secondary purpose of the curriculum will be the development of individual talents and the means for self expression. Another major purpose of the curriculum will be the development of a positive social consciousness.

In keeping with the Bakersfield R-IV Philosophy of Curriculum, Miss Lesley feels that it is her responsibility as an elementary teacher to provide an educational environment that encourages children to develop to their full potentials. Promoting positive self-images, modeling good citizenship, and creating a desire to contribute to society are very important aspects of their classrooms.

As a teachers, I will do everything, within my means, to ensure that all students in the classroom grow in every area: mental, physical, as well as emotional. With unlimited patience and enthusiasm, I pledge to encourage and tutor the slow learners, reinforce the average, and provide the gifted students with opportunities, enrichments, and outlets.

In return, I expect the students and parents of the Bakersfield R-IV District to support and actively participate in class, the academic programs and policies, and all activities involved with the third grade. The education of our children is a partnership between the teachers, parents, school and community. Together we will provide an excellent education, everyday, for everybody.


Lesley Hollis

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